El Jibarito is an exquisite restaurant of Puerto Rican traditional food. It is known best for its delicious dishes, quality and great service. Jibarito refers to the typical farmer or country man of Puerto Rico.

Due to the growth and success of this business they had to open more restaurants. This is when they hired our services. We decided to work on a brand that highlighted the “jíbaro” characteristics but also incorporated a modern and playful style.


We created a logo that represented their specialty: delicious typical food made by “jíbaro” hands. With this in mind we incorporated the typical "jíbaro" hat, his handkerchief and the plantain leaf. Showing characteristics of "jíbaro" outfit and the main meal of the restaurant "el mofongo" (represented by the plantain leaf).

Mofongo - Puerto Rican dish made with fried plantains as its main ingredient.